b'Fostering Resilient and Secure Jewish CommunitiesIn the fall of 2019, Nicole was accepted into thethe Fellows to the organizations new strategic Jewish Community Federation and Endowmentdirection, and they closed the meeting by each Funds Fed Fellows program, joining an existingsharing a photo that represented their own Fed Fellows cohort about to embark on theirpersonal journey. Nicole selected a hopeful second year. While Nicole was immensely excitedimage of skyscrapers from the perspective of about the opportunity, she found herself feelingsomeone looking up.like an imposter with regards to her JewishNicole shared, Despite two groups of individuals identity.meeting and merging into a single cohort that Growing up in an interfaith family with a Catholicnight, I never felt that I was a newbie or father and a Jewish mother, as a child I primarilyoutsider. Most importantly, for the first time, identified as Catholic, said Nicole.Although II didnt worry if I was Jewish enough. While I became a Jewish resource after I started workingknow I have a lot of learning to do, I feel as if I at the PJCC in 2015, I lacked confidence in myam in a new stage of my Jewish identity in which Jewish identity. I felt anxious about starting theI finally feel confident and ready to share my programwhat if someone realized Im not asknowledge and experiences.Jewish as I seemed? Because of your support, Nicoles Fed Fellow As she arrived for her first meeting, Nicole wasexperience will help propel her towards her nervous. But Dona Standel, the Federationsprofessional goal of starting a nonprofit one Senior Program Manager of Leadershipday. As a part of her Fellowship, Nicole sits on Development, welcomed me and I wasthe Board of JewishLearningWorks, a immediately engulfed by questions andperspective that will serve her well when she brought into conversations with other Fellows.works with her own board someday as a Federation Board Chair Arthur Slepian orientednonprofit Executive Director. 13'