b'Coronavirus Response: Addressing Our Communitys Most Urgent NeedsFrom the fires that forced them to relocate toI have learned so much about social justice: the virus that made in-person summer camphow to be an ally, how to stand up for what I unfeasible, Camp Newman has not onlybelieve in, and what I can do specifically to endured challenges, but has also continuedmake the world a little bit better.to overcome them.Thanks to your support, the Federation Led by Camp Director Rabbi Allie Fischmanprovided a total over $216,000 in grants to and a dedicated squad of staff and volunteersCamp Newman for operating support,many of whom are former campersscholarship needs, summer programming themselvesthe Newman team created ancosts and bridge funding to help with lost online camp experience that brought back therevenue. Grants were funded by the COVID-19 single most important ingredient of any healthyResponse Fund, the Teen Initiative and the childhood: Fun. Through their Zoomin withunrestricted endowment.Newman and TeenFest programs, their onlineAs for what comes next for Camp Newman: summer camp provided an essential lifeline plans have been announced for a return to its and a joyful one to bootto families andSanta Rosa home for in-person camp in Summer children that desperately needed one.Teens2021, taking into account COVID-19 precautions shared comments such as: so that camp can reopen safely.It helped me feel connected to my identityWere so excited, said Rabbi Fischman. and has made me feel a lot better aboutBecause providing the summer experience being Jewish.is the biggest reason why most of us work in I am really grateful for the people who Icamp in the first place, and everyone should have been with for the past two weeks. Wehave the opportunity to do camp this coming all grew such a close relationship throughsummer - no matter what.Zoom. I will definitely use all of my thoughts and ideas for the future.19'