b'Coming Together to Better Serve Our Bay Area Jewish CommunityWhen the Federation integrated The JewishPaycheck Protection Program loans. As a result, Community Federation and Jewish Communitythey were able to make payroll during the time Foundation of the East Bay in 2019, manythat their preschool wasnt running and keep wondered what the relationship would look like.their staff employed, which made it much easier We were optimistic about the partnership,to reopen. but werent sure what to expect. We haveI dont think we would have gotten through been pleasantly surprised and grateful, saidthis past year with the success that we had, had Rabbi Stein of Congregation Bnai Shalom init not been for the support of the Federation, Walnut Creek. said Rabbi Stein. We were really able to take The Federation expanded its communitycare of everyone.security program into the East Bay, enablingThe integration is also providing new learning Bnai Shalom to receive a $7,500 grant forand growth opportunities. The Federations security upgrades, including a new door andgrantmaking process helped Bnai Shaloms a communications system. Board, lay leaders, and professionals think Then came the Coronavirus pandemic, whichstrategically about goals and priorities, and they put their preschool program at risk. appreciate that funding includes accountability. Bnai Shalom applied for and received aThey are now considering integrating the Federations Culture of Belonging framework $31,000 preschool reopening grant from theinto their programs to build spaces where Federation to help implement COVID-19 safetyeveryone feels seen, heard, and valued as a precautionary measures, and thats why theypart of their Jewish community. have been able to operate a 65-studentThe partnership has allowed us to feel preschool since July. Almost half of preschoolintegrated into the broader community in students have received Federation scholarships.new ways, said Rabbi Stein. Were really The Federation also connected Bnai Shalomlooking forward to that feeling of integration to the Jewish Federations of North America,that comes with being and working together which provided assistance in applying forin person. 23'