b'IMPACT BY THE NUMBERSFederations Financials (in millions)GIVING TO AND THROUGH THE FEDERATION PUTS $200 MILLION INTO THE COMMUNITYFunds allocated locally and/or globally in the form of grants and programmatic initiatives during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (7/1/19-6/30/20)Grantmaking3%Federation Grantmaking $19.5M*47% 9% Donor-Advised Fund Grantmaking $90.6M$ 220.3M Supporting Foundation Grantmaking $104.8MSubtotal$214.9MFederation Programs $5.4M41%TOTAL ASSETS IN COMMUNITY $220.3MWE USE OPERATING FUNDS PRUDENTLYAdministrative EfciencyGeneral and$ 7.2M + Philanthropy$ 5.3M = 5.6administrativeservices %expensesTotal assets in community $ 220.3MFundraising EfciencyFundraising expenses $ 2.4M = 11%Total unrestricted and$ 21.7Mdesignated funds raised27*Includes $3.3 million granted for COVID-19 response'