b'RAISING FUNDS FROM OUR COMMUNITY, FOR OUR COMMUNITY Funds raised during the 2019-2020 scal yearUnrestricted Funds$10.4MDesignated Funds$11.3M**42% Endowment Funds$44.8M***$ 266.2M 33% Donor-advised Funds$111.8M***Supporting Foundations$87.9M***17% 4% 4% TOTAL $266.2MHow unrestricted funds raised in FY19-20 will be spent during the FY20-21 year10% Community Impact (Engagement, Resilience, and Israel)$7.8M15% Fundraising$1.0MAdministration$1.6M 75%TOTAL $10.4MCentennial Pledges to Date$203.7M**Includes $4.2 million for COVID-19 response 28***Includes fund transfers from East Bay due to East Bay-West Bay integration'