b'Our Three Intersecting Goals to Achieve Our Vision1. Promote more and better Jewish philanthropy. We will give our donors and fund holders the 21st century tools and investment opportunities that will enable each individual and family to maximize the impact of their philanthropy, both within and beyond the Jewish community. This will include building a more unified structure within our organization, along with an increased focus on gift planning and collaborative giving opportunities, such as impact investing. 2. Double the number of young people engaged in Jewish life.We will work to create a Jewish community in which more people find a sense of belonging and meaning. We will focus on those that our 2017 Portrait of Bay Area Jewish Life and Communities revealed have the lowest levels of connection: youth and teens, young adults, and families with young children, as well as those who feel excluded, such as interfaith families and Jews of Color. We will build on effective gateway activities to which we provide significant supportlike PJ Library and Birthright Israeland partner with Jewish organizations and funders to offer new approaches that are succeeding in connecting young people with Jewish life. 3. Foster resilient and secure Jewish communities.We will provide our Jewish communal organizations with the resources and capacities they need to be resilient: to adapt to environmental shifts, withstand adversity, and ensure the well-being of all members of our community. Our strategies include funding/leading efforts to enhance physical and psychological safety at Jewish institutions, leading unique programs to support strong leadership for the Jewish community in the Bay Area, supporting organizations that build connection and solidarity among groups in Israel, and supporting organizations advocating and serving those most underserved, both locally and around the world.Putting Our Plan to Work to Address the COVID-19 CrisisWhen we embarked on our strategic planning process in 2018, we never imagined that a pandemic of this magnitude would pose such a grave threat to our community and Jewish organizational ecosystem. Although we had to put a major engagement initiative on hold, our strategic goals were well positioned to respond to the crisis. We increased our focus on resilience of both our Jewish organizations and community members by investing in Jewish engagement activities to keep the community connected, and by mobilizing our philanthropic networks and resources to meet urgent human service needs and help stabilize the Jewish ecosystem. Go to page 19 to learn more about our Coronavirus response.4'