b'Our goal for Philanthropy is to inform, educate, inspire, and challenge philanthropy driven by Jewish values and the philanthropists in our community. We act as a connecting point in a collaborative network that mobilizes people, capital and community for impact.FEDERATION PHILANTHROPY PARTNERSProviding philanthropy advisory services, building on decades of work through multi-generational family philanthropy and donor-advised giving. GrantmakingAdministered 11,705 grants from 1,080 donor-advised funds and 32 supporting foundations, totaling more than $195 million.TOTAL NUMBER GRANTED BY GEOGRAPHYGRANTS TO:OF GRANTEESBay Area Israel 51 % 5 % 27%73%Domestic outside Bay Area Other International43 % 1 % Jewish orgs3,262 Non-Sectarian orgsDOLLARS OF GRANTSNUMBERS OF GRANTS BY TOP 5 THEMATIC AREAS BY TOP 5 THEMATIC AREAS$35M$34.9m$30M Human Services (1,775)$30.5m$25M Education (1,771)$26.3m $25.3m$20M Arts/Culture/$15M Humanities(1,417)$15.9m$10M Religion (1,379)$5M Civil Rights/Social(1,086)Action/Advocacy0Civil Rights /Education Public /Philanthropy / Environment Social Action /SocietyVoluntarism /0 500 1000 1500 2000Advocacy Benet GrantmakingGRANTEES OVERALL (BY $ GRANTED) TOP 10 6'