b"Featured Impact StoryA Great Foundation for LeadershipDuring my 20s, I worked at a San Francisco-based Jewish nonprofit on a small team of eight. It was during my time at this job that I first learned about Fed Fellows, a 15-month leadership-building program that helps participants develop into the next generation of leaders in the community by placing them on the Boards of local Jewish organizations. I was curious and intrigued to know what it was like to sit on the other side of the table. What it meant to be the one asking questions, to approve proposals, to vote and weigh in on major strategic decisions. The privilege and responsibility of having a stake in the future of an organization. As a nonprofit staff member, I figured it would also help me relate and better collaborate with the lay leaders who served as my advisors and committee members. I chose to serve on the Board of San FranciscoDyanna leading Shabbat ritual at a JDC Entwine x Hillel. My own college had a minuscule JewishOneTable's Global Shabbat Experiencepopulation and no Hillel of our own. This turned out to be a great opportunity to learnthe Jewish community to get support was and engage with a community that I otherwisecrucial to my survival and healing. So, I was wouldnt have been a part of or had access to.thrilled to have a chance to support and lend Throughout the year, I gained insight into themy voice to Shalom Bayit through Board inner workings of the organization whileservice. Having prior Board experience honing in on leadership skills and buildingthrough Fed Fellows prepared me perfectly for relationships with alumni, staff, and lay leaders.this moment. Knowing firsthand what it evenmeant to be a member of a Board made me When Fed Fellowship was coming to an end, Ifeel confident enough as a leader to take on was invited to join the Board of Shalom Bayit,this new role. an organization committed to ending domestic violence in the Jewish community. I first cameWhether you go on to serve on another Board, to Shalom Bayit as a client, and they werelaunch your own business, or whatever you nothing short of a lifesaver. When I foundpursue, Fed Fellows provides a great myself in a physically and emotionally abusivefoundation for leadership. relationship, having somewhere to turn within 21"