b'Philanthropy continuedGRANT DOLLARS BY TOP 5 THEMATIC AREAS Civil Rights & Social Activism $36MPublic/Society Benefit $19.6MEducation $18MPhilanthropy/Voluntarism $16.4M/GrantmakingHuman Services $14.5M GRANT NUMBERS BY TOP 5 THEMATIC AREASEducation Human ServicesArts/Culture/1,505 1,486 Humanities 1,097 Civil Rights/SocialReligionAction/Advocacy1,0191,025TOP 10 GRANTEES OVERALL(BY $ GRANTED)1. Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund 6. Learning Policy Institute2. UCSF 7. Leadership Conference Education Fund3. Luminate Projects Limited 8. New Venture Fund4. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 9. Pro Publica5. Earthjustice 10. Washington Center for Equitable Growth5'