b'Philanthropy continuedBAY AREA IMPACT LENDINGOur Impact Lending Program aims to provide affordable loan opportunities to underserved community members. Every dollar invested in an impact loan is used more than once, multiplying the impact as loans are repaid by borrowers and then loaned out again. Then, individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits that lack access to fair and affordable credit are given a platform upon which to build. We are not only addressing the major needs of our community. We are also investing in humanity, guided by our Jewish values.HOW IMPACT LOANS WORKCommunity Lenders Underserved Borrowers IMPACT LOANS Fair & Affordable LoansFederationMission-based financial Every dollar we invest isIndividuals, small Philanthropicinstitutions committedused more than once,businesses, and Funds REPAYM to economic equity multiplying the impactnonprofits that lack ENTS access to fair and Interest paymentsas loans are repaid byaffordable creditannually and principalborrowers and then repayment at end of termloaned out again$ 20 millioninvested since 2019 from 83 unique donor-advised funds, supporting foundations, and the endowmentACTIVE LOAN OPPORTUNITIES: Accion Opportunity Fund Economic Justice for Small BusinessEnterprise Affordable Housing Construction and RedevelopmentBlack Vision Fund Economic Equity for Black Business OwnersHebrew Free Loan Life-changing Loans to the Jewish CommunityNonprot Finance Fund Financing for BIPOC-led Nonprofits to Strengthen CommunitiesCalifornia FarmLink Support for Underserved, First-Gen FarmersOgen Fair & Affordable Credit for Israeli Small BusinessesPacic Community Ventures Supporting Quality Job Creation by Small BusinessesRCAC Clean Water for Rural CommunitiesFor more information about Impact Lending opportunities, visit impactlending.jewishfed.org.6'