Birthright Israel Staff Application

Birthright 2017

So you want to staff a Birthright trip?

We are looking for energetic, passionate, dedicated individuals who are up for a rewarding, demanding, and FUN experience! Staffing a bus is a wonderful opportunity to have a real impact: connecting Bay Area Jews with their common heritage, building community, exposing people to the many nuances of Israeli history, politics, and culture, and paving the way for participants’ continued engagement in Jewish life. Over the course of 10 incredible days, you will be a Jewish educator, mentor, travel guide, and bus-loading logistical genius.

But your Birthright experience isn’t only about the participants. It’s also about you. Our staff program includes training sessions to help you become an amazing and confident bus staffer––with practical leadership skills you can use in your daily work and social life. Our Birthright program isn’t just a one-off 10-day experience, but an opportunity for you to be a leader in our Jewish community in a meaningful way.

Bay Area community trip dates

Taglit-Birthright Israel is the umbrella organization overseeing all aspects of the Birthright trip. The actual trips––the dates, itineraries, guides, etc.––are coordinated by various trip providers. The Federation uses Israel Outdoors, the most popular Birthright trip provider. Specifically, we offer what is called a Community Trip. It's the standard Birthright trip, but primarily for residents of the Bay Area. This way, our participants have their Birthright trip friends right here when they return.

The Federation runs six Bay Area Community Trips a year. View upcoming trips.


Wow, sounds amazing. Who is eligible to staff the trips?

In addition to the requirements and training mandated by Israel Outdoors, the Federation has our own basic requirements:

  • You are 25 years old or older and live full-time in the Bay Area
  • You are able to attend mandatory staff training sessions (see below for more information)
  • You are active in the Bay Area's young adult Jewish community
  • You are committed to continuing to engage in a meaningful way with your bus participants after the trip
  • You have a strong Jewish background, and knowledge of Jewish religion, history, culture, and major contemporary issues, including experience traveling or living in Israel
  • You have Jewish volunteer or leadership experience, particularly with your peer groups, in developing and facilitating programs, group management, and informal education

In addition to a great opportunity, what else do staff receive?

  • Free trip to Israel, of course! Includes airfare, hotels, transportation, phone, most meals, etc.
  • $400 stipend, received after the season ends in January/August, and contingent upon staff completing training sessions
  • The ability to enter into a leadership role in the Bay Area Jewish community, including occasional opportunities to participate in exclusive events

Things not to worry about:

Do I need to speak fluent Hebrew?
No, but knowing at least a little bit of Hebrew to teach the bus would be a huge plus!

What if I never went on a Birthright trip as a participant?
No problem! You are required to have traveled or lived in Israel in some capacity, but a wide range of experiences will fit the bill.

Do I have to be an expert on everything?
We’re looking for well-rounded staff with a broad base of knowledge. Maybe your passion is the history of Jerusalem. Maybe it’s Shabbat. Maybe it’s Israeli feminist movements. You’ll teach your passion and someone else will teach theirs!

Do I have to be currently working in the Jewish community?
No. Staff come from all walks of life: the Jewish professional world, academia, politics, the tech community, you name it. But, you need to demonstrate your own commitment to Jewish life for your participants.


Yep, I’m still in. What are the major responsibilities?

To be a trip leader is more than just the 10 days you spend in Israel. Before the trip, you need to attend our mandatory staff training sessions. During the trip, you are responsible for facilitating Jewish educational programs, developing relationships with your participants, and working closely with the Israeli tour guide on all aspects of daily programming, group management, and logistics. We know we’re asking for a lot of time! But, it’s worth it.

Staff Training

All of our bus leaders will attend the staff training sessions this spring to ensure that our bus staff have the proper training, confidence, and practical skills to successfully lead our Bay Area Birthright trips. Though specific to the Bay Area Birthright experience, we hope that some of what you learn will also be helpful in career development and in your personal life.

Attendance at the three training sessions (dates TBD) is mandatory for all staff. We'll host 3-4 one-hour sessions on Zoom.  You will also be asked to attend a few trainings with Israel Outdoors.

Got it! Any major caveats?

Birthright requires that one staffer must return to San Francisco with the group on return flights with an international layover (including Canada), and thus cannot extend their own trip. For those trips, only one staff leader will be able to extend.

Please note that this trip is physically demanding: extensive walking, hiking, water activities, and long days with potentially little sleep (sounds awesome). The itinerary is designed to be adventurous!

Wow, this is totally up my alley! How do I apply?

Please fill out the form below. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we may be in touch about scheduling an in-person interview. If selected, we will begin the scheduling process. Keep in mind that, because trip dates can be adjusted in the months leading up to the trips, we may not be able to place you immediately on a trip even if you fully meet the eligibility requirements. Due to very limited trip availability, we also cannot guarantee anyone a staffing position even if they meet all of the requirements. Once you have been formally selected to lead a trip, there will be additional required paperwork and training.


Contact Amanda Cohen, Director of Young Adult Engagement at 415.369.2873.

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Birthright requires that one staffer must return with the group on return flights with an international layover (including Canada)
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