Advice for increasing sales of an inclusive, one-of-a-kind Siddur and selected extracts

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Advice and research
Estimated Time: 
To be determined
Start Date: 
To be determined
Collaboration style: 
Volunteer in-person and remotely. Work with lay leaders.
Congregation Sha’ar Zahav

Scope & Deliverables

Congregation Sha’ar Zahav (CSZ), located in San Francisco, seeks marketing, social media, and publishing advice to expand the sales of its one-of-a-kind, self-published, inclusive Siddur. Without any serious marketing, Sha’ar Zahav has sold roughly 1,500 siddurim, bringing in about $73,000 in eight years. Members of CSZ underwrote and developed the Siddur.

CSZ recently received a grant from the Federation’s Innovation Committee  to grow the earned income it generates from sales of the Siddur.  To do so, CSZ will undertake the following:

  1. Develop, package and test an extract from the Siddur – such as for a Pride Shabbat Service;
  2. Enhance its web presence by updating its own web site, working to limit resellers, and connecting to other online markets;
  3. Initiate a one-to-many strategy focused on teaching and marketing our siddur at rabbinic seminaries and/or conferences.

Project Results

Immediate concrete results would include:

  1. Creation of a Siddur extract;
  2. Additional clarity around positioning, pricing, use and need for our siddur and related extracts
  3. Testimonials and quotes to better market its publications;
  4. Three to five (or more) successful learning sessions at selected rabbinic schools and/or conferences.

Longer term goals are to add a solid earned income component to the synagogue's revenue mix and increase its outreach and ability to attract and retain members.

Organization Description

Sha’ar Zahav is a Jewish community that affirms the sacred in each and every one of us. Rooted in our history as San Francisco’s gay and lesbian synagogue, Sha’ar Zahav embraces a diversity of individuals of all sexualities, genders, races and abilities.

Required Skills/Experience

One or more of the following:

  • Online market research
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Publishing
  • Connections to Reform, non-denominational & Reconstructionist rabbinic seminaries