The Federation has developed a comprehensive mentoring program in order to nurture and grow lay leadership and to pave the way for the next generation.

Mentorship provides a structured forum to engage both mentors and mentees in volunteerism and leadership training under the large umbrella of the Federation’s work. Mentors are given the opportunity to select from program participants (such as Federation Fellows and LGBTQ Pathways to Jewish Leadership members), Federation affinity groups (such as Young Adult Division, Business Leadership Council, and Women’s Philanthropy), and lay committees.

A small committee of volunteer and staff members also selects participants and hand-picks mentors who can best help move each mentee to the next level of professional development and community engagement. The committee considers potential participants’ experience, professional toolkits, and interest in the program.

The mentorship program is designed to heighten volunteer engagement. By offering opportunities for established leadership to serve as mentors, we can re-engage volunteers who have not been involved recently and can further involve those who are currently engaged. Successful relationships not only help strengthen the Federation’s lay leadership individually, but also provide a vehicle for the organization to demonstrate its commitment to lay leadership and engage the next generation. Clear expectations of being a mentor – and a mentee – are distributed to both partners in the relationship. Mentees will be invited to participate in leadership skill development programs. 


For more information, please contact:
Katherine Tick
Leadership Development Director