Our Work in Israel and Overseas

Working collaboratively for social change in Israel

The Federation's approach is aimed at strengthening Israel as a pluralistic, democratic, and just society with equality of opportunity for all its citizens.

According to the latest report issued by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, income inequality within Israel is among the highest in the Western world. The ripple effect caused by economic disparity affects every segment of society, including, most centrally, education and employment. Israel’s diverse population brings a multitude of rich traditions, religions, history, and culture that add to the complexities of daily life.

Our focus areas enable our funding to target challenging social issues, and we do this by leveraging resources and partnerships with foundations, federations, Israeli philanthropists, and the Israeli government. The Federation brings philanthropic expertise and knowhow to Israeli nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).   

Helping nonprofit organizations become self-sufficient is important in grantmaking, and in Israel it’s critical. There, the field of outcome-based strategic planning is still developing. Our hands-on approach to building capacity is helping to change the sector while ensuring the most able and stable programs work for social change. The Federation supports organizations that address specific social needs within these core issue areas:  

  1. Narrowing Gaps and Encouraging Excellence among Disadvantaged Populations through Education
  2. Job Training and Employment
  3. Volunteerism and Leadership Development
  4. Promoting a Shared Society
  5. Jewish Identity and Pluralism
  6. LGBT Community
  7. Capacity Building

Our work overseas

The Federation’s funding approach is aimed at caring for our global Jewish community by providing humanitarian relief and revitalizing Jewish communities worldwide.

Jewish communities around the world have confronted the unthinkable over the past century: famine, world wars, communist repression, political strife, genocide. The Federation addresses the needs of vulnerable Jewish individuals and communities through strategic partnerships with effective and seasoned direct service organizations. A significant portion of our funding is directed to two very experienced and trusted organizations with which the Federation has partnered for decades: the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel.