Making meaningful Jewish experiences accessible and affordable
Providing a continuum of opportunities from preschool to college, teen Israel trips, and youth and family camps

Preschool Scholarships       

The Federation’s Preschool Scholarship Fund was established to provide need-based scholarships to make Jewish preschool more accessible for working and single parent families. Jewish preschool programs are at accredited Jewish preschools within the Federation's service area. 

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Jewish Day School Scholarships

Our Day School Scholarship Fund was established to provide need-based scholarships for students attending Jewish day schools, bridging the financial gap between family contributions and the individual day school financial aid packages. 

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Jewish Experiences for Teens and Young Adults   

Jewish experiences for teens and young adults can have a lasting impact on their Jewish identity and engagement. From visiting Israel to participating in a nature-based weekend program, the Federation helps make it possible for more teens to discover what being Jewish means to them.

Camp Scholarships and Grants

The Federation supports scholarship and grant opportunities for a variety of camp experiences, including overnight camp, day camp and family specialty camps.

College Scholarships

Investing in our future means helping to provide access to quality education. The Federation partners to offer 11 college scholarships by private funds, each with its own focus, criteria for award, and amount awarded.

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