The Federation awards grants directly to outstanding organizations supporting the Jewish community locally, in Israel, and globally in a variety of ways from funds raised annually and through our endowed funds. The Federation also stewards and administers donor-advised grants through personal philanthropic vehicles under our management, including over 1050 Donor Advised Funds and 32 Supporting Foundations, which support Jewish and broader causes to local, national, and international organizations.

Jewish Engagement

Working with our partners, we ensure belonging, create “onramps” to Jewish life that build connections and help organizations build networks and pathways for young people to access Jewish opportunities.

For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Federation provided $4,561,766 in direct grants to dramatically increase the engagement in Jewish life.


A Wider Bridge
Jewish Coalition for Literacy
Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County
Keshet Inc.
Limmud Bay Area
Northern California Board of Rabbis
Bay Area Friendship Circle
Congregation Ner Shalom
Jewish LearningWorks
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County
At The Well
Campus Initiative on Israel Engagement
Hillel at Berkeley
Hillel at Chico
Hillel at Davis and Sacramento
Hillel at San Francisco


Grants Continued...

Hillel of Silicon Valley
Hillel of Sonoma County
Hillel at Stanford
Hillel Foundation-Santa Cruz
Oshman Family Jewish Community Center
The Birthright Israel Foundation
Chabad Jewish Center of Petaluma
Jewish Baby Network
Sonoma Jewish Concierge
Wilderness Torah

Culture of Belonging 
Jewish Teen Foundation
SF Diller Teen Fellows
Scholarship Management
Israel Engagement
Young Adult Engagement
Early Childhood Education Initiative
Family Connectors
PJ Library


*$40,000 over two years to Bais Menachem, Brandeis Marin, Brandeis School of SF, Contra Costa Jewish Day School, Hausner Jewish Day School, Jewish Community High School, Kehillah High School, Oakland Hebrew Day School, South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, and Wornick Jewish Day School. Funds will be used for cohort leadership, coaching and curriculum.


Sources of funding include:
Annual Operating Funds
Community Scholarship Grants 
Restricted Endowment Funds
Teen Initiative
Campus Initiative

Fostering Resilient Communities

Utilize our resources to adapt to environmental changes, withstand adversity, ensure our well-being, and thrive in the face of change. We do this by securing the Jewish ecosystem, investing in diverse leadership, strengthening community relations, and building shared responsibility for our future.

For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Federation has provided a projected $3,678,992 in direct grants in the area of fostering resilient and secure Jewish communities.

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center
Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County
Jewish Family and Children's Services
Jewish Vocational Services
Shalom Bayit
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc
J - The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
Jewish Community Relations Council
Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California
The Jewish Federations of North America


Advocacy and Human Services
Jewish Community Security 
Leadership Development  
North Bay Wildfire Emergency Response

Sources of funding include:

Annual Operating Funds
Community Scholarship Grants
Impact Grants Initiatives
Restricted Endowment Funds


Strengthening Israeli society by bringing the “tribes” of Israel (secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Arab) into each other’s spheres through leadership development, community organizing, and partnerships to foster deeper understandings of the “other” and inspire Israelis of all backgrounds to work together towards a more cohesive future.

For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Federation has provided a projected $1,713,411 in direct grants in the area of creating a shared society in Israel.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.
Association for Change in Education
Hinam Center for Social Tolerance (Mechavnim Lemala)
Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism
Jewish Community Relations Council
Ma'ase Center Association
Matan - Invest in the Community (United Way Israel)
Moona a Space for change
Negev Institute For Strategies Of Peace And Development (NISPED)
Rothschild Caesarea Foundation
Small Grants to Israeli Organizations for Capacity Building
Tebeka - Advocacy for Equality & Justice for EthiopianIsraelis
The Institute for Democratic Education


Israel Impact

Sources of funding include:

Annual Operating Funds
Restricted Endowment Funds

View the Federation's Policy on Israel-Related Programming

Personal Philanthropy

Federation Philanthropy Partners works with donors to create effective giving strategies to ensure that resources are maximized towards change for a better world, within and beyond the Jewish community.

View the 2019 Grantmaking Report

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in 2019 the Federation facilitated 10,050 grants from donor-advised funds and supporting foundations, totaling $175,078,668. Putting these assets into community reflects the Jewish values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (taking care of the needy), kehillah (community), and tzedek (pursuing justice). These four values underpin and guide our philanthropic work, which supports a wide range of Jewish and broader causes, across local, national and international organizations.

For a summary of our collective impact, view the infographic.

Contact us for questions about the grants.

View 2018 grants


1,294 grants totaling $9,388,906


1,641 grants totaling $27,569,564


744 grants totaling $17,698,729


1,054 grants totaling $15,279,197

Human Services

1,511 grants totaling $11,768,076

Public/Society Benefit

2,598 grants totaling $79,923,414


1,208 grants totaling $13,450,797
Grantee namesort descending Total Grants Total Amount
Annunciation House 1 $100
Anshe Emunah Moses Montefiore Hebrew Congregation 3 $13,115
Answer Cancer Foundation 1 $1,000
Anti-Defamation League 44 $367,028
Apparel Impact Institute 1 $3,000
AquAbility 1 $100
Aragon High School 1 $3,500
Arcata House Partnership 2 $400
Archbishop Riordan High School 7 $23,500
Architectural Foundation of San Francisco 1 $3,000
Arnold P. Gold Foundation 1 $1,500
Ars Nova 1 $2,500
Art and Remembrance 1 $350
Art Escape 1 $2,200
Art Institute of Chicago 1 $200
Art of Yoga Project 1 $1,000
Art Works Downtown 1 $200
Artadia 1 $180
Arthritis Foundation 1 $180
Arthritis Foundation - Northern California Office 7 $43,100
Arts for Oakland Kids 1 $250
ASAP After School Activities Partnerships 1 $1,000
Aseltine School 1 $2,000
Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center 1 $500
Ashreichem Yisrael 1 $8,000
Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center 1 $300
Asian Art Museum Foundation of San Francisco 6 $12,200
Asian Pacific Fund 1 $2,000
Asian University for Women Support Foundation 1 $5,000
Aspen Art Museum 1 $31,125
Aspen Community Foundation 3 $120,000
Aspen Institute 10 $119,500
Aspen Jewish Center 2 $4,100
Aspen Music Festival and School 2 $700
Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation 1 $500
Aspire Academy for Social Purpose in Responsible Entertainment 1 $1,000
Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore 1 $1,000
Associates of the Osher Map Library 1 $5,000
Association for Women in Science 1 $200
Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy 2 $1,500
Association of Israel's Decorative Arts 3 $4,500
Association pour le Retablissement des Institutions et Oeuvres Israelites en France 1 $2,000
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice 2 $3,800
Asylum Arts 2 $100,600
At the Crossroads 1 $1,000
Ateres Avigail 1 $1,800
Atherton Police Activities League 1 $500
Athlete Ally 1 $10,000
Athletic Scholars Advancement Program 5 $17,020
Atma Connect 1 $3,500
Attitudinal Healing International 1 $180
Auburn Theological Seminary 2 $60,000
Audubon Canyon Ranch 3 $10,200
Aurora Theatre Company 2 $1,500
Autism Speaks 1 $500
Avaloch Farm Music Retreat 1 $300,000
Avenidas 6 $37,350
Axis Dance Company 1 $2,000
Aytzim: Ecological Judaism 1 $180
Aziza Ghori Charitable Foundation 1 $1,000
B'nai B'rith International 4 $3,600
B'nai Israel Jewish Center 1 $1,000
B'nai Israel of Rossmoor 1 $1,000
B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Northern California 3 $5,500
B.O.K. Ranch 1 $1,000
Bais Chabad Torah Center 1 $250
Baja Coastal Institute 1 $1,000
Ballotpedia 1 $100
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 1 $500
Bananas 1 $150
Band of Parents 1 $1,000
Baptist Health South Florida Foundation 1 $100,000
Barack Obama Foundation 1 $300
Barnard College 3 $7,100
Barrington Stage Company 1 $200
Barton Memorial Hospital Foundation 1 $5,000
BASIC Fund 1 $250
Battery Foundation 4 $20,000
Batya-Friends of United Hatzalah 2 $5,180
Bay Area Cabaret 1 $600
Bay Area Cancer Connections 12 $58,100
Bay Area Children's Theatre 4 $15,450
Bay Area Community Resources 1 $1,000
Bay Area Discovery Museum 3 $7,000
Bay Area Friendship Circle 24 $40,308
Bay Area Girls Rock Camp 1 $2,500
Bay Area Jewish Healing Center 46 $432,040
Bay Area Legal Aid 2 $5,200
Bay Area Lyme Foundation 1 $5,000
Bay Area Musicals 1 $1,000
Bay Area Open Space Council 2 $300
Bay Area Organizing Committee 2 $430
Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program 4 $3,300
Bay Area Rescue Mission 1 $200
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council 5 $975
Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee 1 $10,000
Bay Area Women's and Children's Center 3 $42,000
Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative 2 $4,500
Bay Nature Institute 2 $850
Bay School of San Francisco 5 $273,000