Jewish Teen Foundations Application 2018-2019

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Part 1: Your Information

Please enter the name of the school that you WILL BE attending next fall. if you are an incoming freshman, or are planning to switch schools, please enter your new school name.
If you don't currently belong to a synagogue, please enter "N/A."

Part 2: Parent or Guardian Information

Part 3: Tell us about yourself

Please list any school clubs, summer camps, charities, JCCs, youth groups, etc. and the dates that you have been involved with theses activities.
There is no right answer. We enjoy working with teens who express their Judaism in all different kinds of ways and those who are exploring it for the first time.

Part 4: Meeting and Retreat Schedule

Please check the dates of all meetings and the Retreat (calendar linked here) to make sure you don't have any conflicts [Note: PC users right click/ Mac users "Cntrl + click" to open calendar in a new window -- otherwise you will lose all data you have entered in this form] .

Part 5: Reference and Photo

Please provide the contact information of someone who can speak about your character. Consider listing someone who has worked with you in a group setting: a mentor, boss, advisor, or religious leader.