Jewish Teen Foundations Application 2019-2020

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Part 1: Your Information

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Meetings are held on Sundays from 3:00 to 7:00 PM. 
Attendance is critical and mandatory at all sessions, barring unforeseen illness or emergency.

Note: Schedule conflicts may result in inability to participate in our programs. 

Part 2: Essay Question

Please list any school clubs, camps, charities, JCCs, volunteer projects, youth groups, etc. and the dates that you have been involved with these activities.
Please use specific examples

Part 3: Reference Information

Please list the name, phone number and email of someone who can speak about your character and attitudes. You might consider listing someone who has worked with you in a group setting, a mentor, boss, advisor, or religious leader. 

Part 4: Parent or Guardian Information

2nd Parent or Guardian Information (if applicable)

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Part 5: Interviews

Applicants will not be interviewed prior to acceptance. Once accepted to the Jewish Teen Foundation, teens will have a one-on-one Introductory Meeting with a Project Director prior to the program beginning in September 2019.

Part 6: Recommendations

Please recommend individuals who have a passion for the work of the Jewish Teen Foundation.

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