LGBTQIA+ Giving Opportunities 2023

The current state of LGBTQIA+ rights in the U.S. and Israel is characterized by a complex mix of progress and backlash. While gains have been made, there is a prevailing sense that the LGBTQIA+ community is under attack. The progress achieved over the years has brought visibility and acceptance to certain members of the community while others are still marginalized.

Unfortunately, this progress has also sparked a backlash, with a notable and alarming attempt to roll back freedoms and legislate against gains. The difficult experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals—especially in certain religious communities and geographic regions of both the U.S. and Israel—highlight the ongoing struggle for equality and acceptance and the need for continued advocacy and support.

We highly recommend the Jewish organizations listed in this guide, which work to address the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ communities in the U.S. and in Israel. These organizations were curated by our professional philanthropic advisors and informed by the organizations supported by Federation donor-advised funds and our Jewish Pride Fund, a giving circle. We encourage you to consider supporting these organizations as part of your giving strategy.

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Beit Dror/Otot Logo

Beit Dror/Otot

Beit Dror is a shelter for LGBTQIA+ youth-at-risk. Beit Dror was established in 2002, and every year the shelter hosts over 80 youth who have had to leave their homes, either due to lack of acceptance of their sexual or gender difference, or for other related reasons. Beyond offering shelter, Beit Dror offers counseling, including family therapy, and connects youth to other educational and counseling services. Beit Dror is operated by the nonprofit Otot and funded mostly by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs. This funding covers the basic operational costs but does not cover special projects such as the family therapy project, summer activities, and other ongoing needs of the at-risk youth served by Beit Dror. Donations for Beit Dror are made to PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Grant Purpose: Beit Dror. EIN: 13-6104086

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Hoshen Logo


For the past 18 years, Hoshen has been advancing tolerance and understanding toward the LGBTQIA+ community throughout Israel. Hoshen conducts workshops and talks, working closely with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to promote acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community in various environments. Their goal is to eradicate homophobia and create social change in Israel. Every year, Hoshen holds 2,000+ workshops in 350 different institutions around Israel, including educational, healthcare, and defense environments. Through this, Hoshen manages to reach approximately 50,000 people annually across Israel. Donations for HOSHEN are made to PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Grant Purpose: HOSHEN. EIN: 13-6104086

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Israel Gay Youth Logo

Israel Gay Youth

Established in 2002, Israel Gay Youth (IGY) is the largest and oldest LGBTQIA+ organization in Israel. IGY works toward the empowerment of LGBTQIA+ young people by creating a meaningful social space for them and encouraging them to take part in shaping the LGBTQIA+ community and Israeli society in general. The organization works for social change, moving toward a more equal and tolerant society. Working directly with and for LGBTQIA+ youth ages 13-23, IGY sponsors regular weekly social-educational activities. From its inception until today, it is the only nationwide organization that works for LGBTQIA+ youth in Israel and, in recent years, has grown to be the largest LGBTQIA+ community organization in the country. Donations for IGY are made to New Israel Fund. Grant Purpose: Israel Gay Youth. EIN: 94-2607722

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Jerusalem Open House  Logo

Jerusalem Open House

The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) was established in 1997 to provide direct services to Jerusalem’s LGBTQIA+ community, to advocate for social change, and to promote the values of tolerance and pluralism in Jerusalem. JOH organizes the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance, the largest human rights demonstration in the city. It also provides numerous support services and social groups for LGBTQIA+ youth, as well as a place where all LGBTQIA+ Jerusalemites—including Orthodox Jews, Arabs, and transgender individuals—can go for support, services, and acceptance. As the only LGBTQIA+ health resource in Jerusalem, JOH also provides the only free, anonymous, rapid-result HIV/AIDS testing service in the city. Donations for JOH are made to PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Grant purpose: Jerusalem Open House (ID 58-0304111) EIN: 13-6104086

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Established 30 years ago, Tehila is the leading organization across Israel providing support and emotional relief to parents who struggle to accept the different sexual and/or gender identities of their children, similar to the work of PFLAG in the U.S. Tehila has 90 highly trained parent graduates of the support groups who operate as group leaders. Tehila is expanding the group's work, hotline, and training services as demand continues to grow. Donations for Tehila are made to New Israel Fund. Grant Purpose: Tehila (5628) EIN: 94-2607722

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A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge is a North American organization working through education, advocacy, relationship-building, and grant-making to create equality in Israel by expanding LGBTQIA+ inclusion in Israel, and equality for Israel by cultivating constructive engagement with Israel. They support Israel’s LGBTQIA+ community to advance social, political, and cultural change. They also work to ensure that Israel is included and treated with fairness in our LGBTQIA+ communities, by local and national institutions, and within the community of nations. EIN: 45-2643886

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Eshel  logo


Eshel’s mission is to create a future for Orthodox lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their families across North America. Eshel combats homophobia by working with leaders, educators, clergy, and parents to create inclusive Orthodox communities. The organization helps prevent depression, homelessness, and disaffection among Orthodox LGBTQIA+ teenagers, and adults. Eshel is the only organization that provides support services for LGBTQIA+ individuals and their families in the Orthodox Jewish community in the U.S., serving more than 50,000 Orthodox LGBTQIA+ individuals who have no other services available to them. EIN: 46-0539206

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JQYouth logo

Jewish Queer Youth

Jewish Queer Youth (JQY) supports and empowers LGBTQIA+ youth in the Jewish community, with a special focus on teens and young adults from Orthodox, Chasidic, and Sephardic communities. JQY envisions a world in which no young person, regardless of Jewish denomination or community, feels alone, ostracized, or shamed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The organization provides crisis intervention, support services, and educational resources, guided by the conviction that access to mental health support should not be contingent upon religious or political beliefs. The majority of JQY participants are not yet "out" to their parents and often rely on their "chosen family" at school, on campus, or at JQY events. EIN: 27-5305498

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Israid logo


Keshet works for the full equality of all LGBTQIA+ Jews and families in Jewish life. They strengthen Jewish communities by equipping Jewish organizations with the skills and knowledge to build LGBTQIA+-affirming communities, creating spaces in which all queer Jewish youth feel seen and valued, and advancing LGBTQIA+ rights nationwide. On the ground, they offer professional development, training, and counseling to synagogues, day schools, and other Jewish agencies; initiatives to support and empower queer youth; and support LGBTQIA+ rights nationally. EIN: 48-1278664

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Sephardic Mizrahi Q Network logo

Sephardic Mizrahi Q Network

The Sephardic Mizrahi Q Network is an innovative grassroots movement that is committed to building a vibrant, enriching, and supportive community for an often-overlooked segment: LGBTQIA+ Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews. The organization started in New York City, hosting welcoming Shabbat dinners for Jews who lost community upon coming out. Sephardic Mizrahi Q Network embraces North African and Middle Eastern identities, unlike many Jewish spaces in the U.S. During Covid, they pivoted and started to offer robust virtual national and international communal programming that has led to the establishment of in-person hubs in Seattle, Miami, and London, and a 1,000-person community. The organization is fiscally sponsored by the American-Sephardi Federation. EIN 23-7338689

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Tzekem Logo

Tzelem for LGBTQ+ Teens

Established in 2005, Moving Traditions launched with a teen group program for girls, Rosh Hodesh, and has since created Shevet for boys and Tzelem for transgender and nonbinary teens. Moving Traditions offers online and in-person groups for nonbinary, trans, gender-expansive, and LGBTQIA+ Jewish teens and is now starting a group in the Bay Area. Like Rosh Hodesh and Shevet, Tzelem is an opportunity for transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary Jewish teens to connect with one another and to explore key issues in their lives through a Jewish lens, including friendship, self-compassion, mental health, intimacy, gender expression, and belonging. EIN: 34-2015014

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