IGI + IVN = Funding Social Ventures in Israel

The Impacts Grants Initiative (IGI) is an exciting approach that provides 360 degree benefits. IGI engages donors in the grantmaking process in a meaningful way that deepens their connection to the Jewish community; it provides multi-year funding to organizations and programs doing some of the most innovative work around, and it helps build the capacity of these organizations by providing pro bono support during the life of the grant. The IGI approach is like one stop shopping for building a vibrant caring, and enduring Jewish community! This approach has proven so successful that we have expanded its reach all the way to Israel. We’re partnering with the Israel Venture Network (IVN) to support social ventures that seek to narrow social gaps and spur the Israeli economy.

Eric Benhamou, CEO of the Israel Venture Network (IVN)


The Israel IGI includes ten local business leaders who are community-minded and feel personally connected to Israel but haven’t yet participated in Federation activities.  The group met for the first time earlier this month to embark on a journey of learning: about Federation, about our partnership with IVN, about venture philanthropy, about social issues in Israel.  Eric Benhamou, IVN's Chairman and former CEO of 3Com and Palm, made the case for venture philanthropy and talked about his personal journey and the creation of IVN.

Together with IVN, the IGI team will identify and co-fund four social ventures, bringing their professional business experience to the non profit world and helping to develop a new sector in Israel.  By doing so, they will connect to each other, to the Federation and to Israel -- and show the great impact we have when we come together as a community to put our Jewish values into action.

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January 25, 2013


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