Have You Made Art About It Yet? Tu BiShvat Edition: Rewilding Our Imagination

January 20, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM


During Tu BiShvat we take stock of our relationship to the earth, to the ecosystems that sustain us, to where we are as a species. We open our hearts to sit with our questions, our grief, our desire for change and ask: What may be possible that we can’t yet quite see? Art making is here for us to tend our wild imagination of what yet might be. What could another way of living look like -- one in which resources aren’t thought of as commodities but rather as gifts; in which we operate from a place of abundance rather than dwindling scarcity; in which we see ourselves not as individuals, but as part of the web of creation; in which we renew the world as the world renews us, producing evermore beauty and vitality?

Part of the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, this session is for veterans and newbies to the Jewish Studio Process alike! In this moment of great uncertainty, activating our creativity through art making can help us be present to what is and imagine what might be. In this 90 minute session we will explore the power of art making in virtual community as a tool for personal and collective renewal. Using the Jewish Studio Process - a unique methodology combining practices from the field of art therapy with a reimagined approach to Jewish learning and spirituality - we will process, ground, connect, and tap into the hope and possibility that creativity offers in times of challenge.

Accessibility note:

  • We enable the live transcription feature through Zoom on our programs. You can follow our instructions here for accessing the closed captions: http://bit.ly/zoomclosedcaptions .
  • If you have other needs we can address to make your program experience as easeful as possible, please feel invited to reach out to our Program Manager Danielle at danielle@jewishstudioproject.org.
Interests: Virtual
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Jewish Studio Project
Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest
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Danielle Austin