How to Start a Fitness Program - Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

August 18, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
This event will take place on Zoom.


Learn how to start simple, create the routine that works for you and get results with thirty minutes of daily activity.

Now that the pandemic is ending and we are emerging from hibernation and social isolation, it’s a perfect time to think about how we want to structure our lives moving forward. Formulating an exercise regimen is a fantastic step to take. Exercise is so good for both physical and mental health that it should be the first thing to consider. It’s a beneficial goal to get serious about now. You can endow your life with a much stronger foundation going forward. 

Vanessa Kettler at age 77, is a professional dancer as well as an expert in the field of balance and fall prevention.  For over 20 years she taught exercise through Santa Rosa Junior College’s Older Adults Program. She is the creator, developer and producer of Building Better Balance, classes that teach how to prevent falls by improving balance and authors a newsletter focusing on how to age well through exercise, addressing many of the problems older individuals may encounter. 

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Shiva Schulz