Pages to Puppets: Bringing PJ Stories To Life With Up A Tree Puppetry

January 23, 2022
4:00 PM


Join renowned sock puppets Moshe and Hiam as they travel through Jewish tales and teach us how to make the world a better place!

“Give to others and others will give you back in return." Join us for this special play ( for Tu B'Shvat ) inspired by PJ library’s "The Cholent Brigade", our puppets explore what it means to be a true neighbor, highlighting themes of connection, relationship and the gift of giving.

Opening Craft:

Make a get well card

Supplies needed:

  • Heavy cardstock or construction paper
  • Self-adhesive bandages (Band-aids)
  • Stickers and/or googly eyes

Presented by the Oshman Family JCC and PJ Library Bay Area

Interests: Families, Holidays, Virtual
Organized By: 
Presented by the Oshman Family JCC and PJ Library Bay Area
Event Contact Person: 
Aliza Golshani
Up a Tree Puppetry
Up a Tree Puppetry duo (Peter Olson and Ilan Vitemberg) perform original and classic stories with the hope of creating understanding and bringing joy to people of all ages through acrobatics, puppetry, music and creativity. Their shows are performed in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish.