Power Through Voting: Young Professionals Happy Hour

October 22, 2020
6:30 PM


A zoom party that will make a difference! Text bank with us to address voter suppression.

Text with us to make a difference! Text banking is like phone banking, but with texting (don't worry, you won't need to use your own phone number – it's all done online).

We'll be doing this through a collaboration with the nonpartisan Reclaim Our Vote campaign, which seeks to address voter suppression among people of color by educating voters on how to register, how to find their polling place, and much more – this is your chance to send those reminders directly to voters. Bring a drink and schmooze at this happy hour!

First and foremost, this event is a chance to make new connections and vent your heart out!

You are invited to arrive with the cocktail (or mocktail) that describes your feelings about the current political climate.

Choose between three breakout rooms:

  • Option 1, Mixer: Shmooze and Choose – Grab a beverage, take a beat, and let’s raise a glass to choice, change, and the fact we made it through to 2020!
  • Option 2, Trivia: Are You Smarter Than a Politician? – Play a round of election-themed trivia and put your knowledge to the test!
  • Option 3, Discussion: Vent Sesh: Jewish Values and How We Vote – Explore your Jewish values, how they connect to your voting choices, and how all of this affects your relationships with friends and family members who vote differently from you. AKA, let's vent.

This event has been created by the JCC East Bay, ENGAJ @ OFJCC, and JCCSF as part of Power Through Voting, a series of voting programs brought to you by all seven JCCs of the Bay Area.

This nonpartisan series features guest speakers, phone bank opportunities, discussion happy hours, and much more! Learn more about the Power Through Voting series at jcceastbay.org/civicengagement.

Organized By: 
Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
Event Contact Person: 
Alystar Sacks