Sharing Our Stories of Wildfire Loss

Your Story is Important to Us!

The Jewish Community Center - Sonoma County, in collaboration with Listening for a Change and support from the Jewish Community Federation, invites you to share your personal story of your fire-related experience of the 2017 October Wildfire Storm. With your help, and with your story, this videotaped oral history project will be part of an historical archive for you, your family and the Jewish community now, and in future generations.

Jewish people of Sonoma County who lost their homes, businesses or had other fire related experiences, who wish to share their story, are encouraged to participate.

Interviewees will share their stories with trained oral historians and counselors.

Participants may bring photos and/or mementoes for the interview. No preparation is necessary. Each interview will take approximately 45 minutes. This process offers an opportunity to record histories and promote healing. Storytelling has been documented as a form of emotional catharsis since the time of Aristotle.

Please contact the JCC office with your choice of dates and times for interviewing. Provide your top three choices. We will be videotaping on the following dates (Fridays and Sundays) from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

  • Friday, August 24
  • Sunday, August 26
  • Friday, September 7

One more series of dates will be scheduled in October if these dates do not work for you.

Call the JCC 707.528.4222 or email to reserve your spot.

All interviewees will be video recorded, edited, and potentially shared with the larger community through websites, YouTube, computer kiosk, and cinema events. More information is available on our website We are happy to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

Interests: Meetings
July 13, 2018 to September 07, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County
1301 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa


Organized By: 
Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County
Event Contact Person: 
Ellen Blustein