Socializing for Solo-Agers: A Virtual Discussion

January 27, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
This event will take place on Zoom
San Francisco


Are you a solo-ager? You’re part of a very special group! Zoom into an experience full of useful tips to enhance your well-being.

Zoom in to a discussion, moderated by Betty Burr, to connect with and assist other “solos.” Share hints for socializing and communicating — and just have fun. Researchers have found that about 20% of people over 65 are aging alone. Being in this special group brings some challenges — but none that can’t be overcome by finding ways to come together with others. Experts say regular communication is critical to well-being and positively affects longevity. These past years have shown us that we can connect from a distance. Take this opportunity to enjoy shared moments and feel fulfilled.  


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Shiva Schulz
 Betty Burr
As a Solo-Ager Retirement Coach, Betty holds an MA in Gerontology from San Francisco State University, is a solo-ager herself and a trained retirement coach who helps older adults identify their plans and passions for the later part of life. She has been leading solo-ager workshops for the past six years, both privately, and at the SF library, the JCCSF, Peninsula JCC and SF Village. Betty has been a small business owner, consultant and coach for over 30 years. She believes planning ahead is the most critical success factor since solo-agers need to be more specific about their wishes for later life than other older adults.