Sonoma County Virtual Jewish Film Festival 2021

October 05, 2021 to November 02, 2021
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
$6 - $80


26th Annual Celebration Featuring the Best New International Cinema

Celebrating its 26th year with a VIRTUAL festival the Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival features fifteen movies and binge-worthy TV shows from six countries. The moving dramas, true stories of courage, documentaries, and live filmmaker talks stream for four weeks on TV, tablet, or computer.

  • Individual tickets are $6-15.
  • Season passes are $80-100, a 40-70% discount.
  • October 5th to November 2nd - watch anytime, in any order.
  • Tickets and information: WWW.JCCSOCO.ORG.

A Sonoma County tradition – the Jewish Film Festival is a true home for international cinema you can’t see anywhere else.


THE NEW JEW (TV DOC SERIES/COMEDY) – A road trip across America by Guri Alfi, one of Israel’s most popular comedians, the series showcases the Jewish community’s cultural and political influence in the US, the variety of ways  it offers for living a rich Jewish life, and the rifts between them and the State of Israel. Series creator Moshe Samuels joins us for a live Zoom, October 21, at 6:30 pm, free to festival-goers. (Four 1-hour episodes; English, Hebrew).

COMMANDMENT 613 (SHORT DOCUMENTARY) – Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred craft of a Torah scribe, bringing new life to scrolls saved during the Holocaust. A fascinating film! Festival-goers are invited to meet Rabbi Hale and director Miriam Lewin in a live Zoom Q&A on October 14, at 6:30 pm. (23 minutes; English).

THE CROSSING (DRAMA/YOUTH) – Adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement, help two Jewish children Sarah and Daniel escape the German occupiers, by fleeing on foot to the Swedish border. A deeply moving film about uncompromising loyalty and the great courage that can be found in even the youngest of children. (90 minutes; Norwegian).

A STARRY SKY ABOVE THE ROMAN GHETTO (DRAMA/YOUTH) – This charming Italian teen drama begins with the discovery of a puzzling photograph in an attic. Sofia, a Christian high school student, probes the history of Rome’s Jewish ghetto to learn the fate of a little girl.  She makes new friends at a nearby Jewish school, in a film that sheds light on cross-cultural relations in Europe today. (100 minutes; Italian, English).

PERSIAN LESSONS (DRAMA) – Inspired by a true story, a young Belgian Jew attempting to escape Nazi-occupied territory, falsely claims to be Persian in order to survive a mass shooting. Now he is obligated to teach the German commander how to speak Persian, a language he does not know. (120 minutes; German, French, Persian, Italian).

TIGER WITHIN (DRAMA/YOUTH) – Casey, is an unloved, ignorant teen runaway. In an chance encounter, she meets Samuel, a Holocaust survivor, who, despite enduring her offensive views, remembers an old promise he made and decides to help her. Their unlikely friendship sparks larger questions of fear, forgiveness, and healing, starring multiple Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner, in one of his final projects. (98 minutes; English).

LABYRINTH OF PEACE (TV SERIES/DRAMA) – A riveting 6-part drama, inspired by true yet little-known events in post-WWII “neutral” Switzerland. Rarely told stories are woven together, of Jewish refugees, the hunt for Nazi collaborators, and a portrait of an industrial family dynasty, tied to the question of whether a country can really be neutral. (Six, 1-hour episodes; Swiss, German).


Organized By: 
JCC Sonoma County
Event Contact Person: 
Irene Hodes
Miriam Lewin and Rabbi Kevin Hale - Commandment 613 Filmmaker Talk
Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred craft of a Torah scribe, bringing new life to scrolls saved during the Shoah. Join him and director/producer Miriam Lewin as they discuss their film with us, live on Zoom. Free to pass and ticketholders.