Stories to Heal, Feel and Get Real

August 12, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
This event will take place on Zoom.


When do we have enough distance to talk about what we have been through? And when does an experience become a story? Join us to listen or share.

Listening to and telling stories is as old as human history. Sharing tales of surviving hard times, making sense out of chaos, and overcoming obstacles is often the medicine that heals trauma, disappointment, and loss. Whether you come to listen or come to tell, spend an hour with stories that wind a path from trouble to triumph, especially considering the year we’ve all just lived through.  

Maggid Jhos Singer is a gifted Jewish teacher, preacher, storyteller, pastoral counselor, chef, mixologist, and musician. He skillfully translates Torah and Jewish tradition into dynamic, accessible, relevant, and compelling ideas, provocative stories, and delicious cocktails. In one hand he holds a BA in Music from UCLA and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union—and in the other he wields a drum, spoon, and a dictionary of Talmudic Hebrew. He was ordained as a Maggid (a Jewish spiritualist) in 2002. He connects traditional rabbinic wisdom to our modern lives. 

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Shiva Schulz