Yom Kippur Spacious & Silent Meditation Retreat at Urban Adamah

Spend the holiday in meditation on the farm as we cultivate a communal space of transition from one year to the next, with optional lodging.

In the 25 hour period of Yom Kippur, we will be creating the space to engage with the sacred and use silence as a tool to​ dialogue with our hearts, our Source, and with the human experience. 

Led by Maggid Jhos Singer and with the backdrop of the farm as a silent meditation space, we’ll engage in Traditional Jewish Contemplative practices that invite us to step into the sanctity of the moment, to release the weight of the past, and to embrace the potential of the future. This meditation retreat will be bookended by two services as part of the larger Urban Adamah community: Kol Nidre, the opening service, and Neilah, the closing service

You have the option of taking the retreat on site and staying at Urban Adamah’s lodge, or coming to the farm for programming and returning home in the evening.

September 24, 2023 to September 25, 2023
4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Urban Adamah
1151 Sixth St
$72 – 250


Organized By: 
Urban Adamah
Event Contact Person: 
Elaina Marshalek
Maggid Jhos Singer
Maggid Jhos Singer is an experienced Jewish educator, community and congregational leader, Jewish meditation teacher, a gifted writer and preacher. As an out trans man, Jhos is deeply committed to recognizing the holy in each human he encounters. Jhos seamlessly engages his students in conversation about Jewish spirit, text, story, tradition and being. He received smicha from Rabbi Gershon Winkler in 2002 as a Maggid – literally “one who tells.” The title of Maggid was used in the early Chassidic movement to describe a person of learning who was skilled in storytelling, preaching, counseling, teaching and singing. He is a graduate of Chochamt HaLev’s 3-year Jewish Meditation teacher training where he studied with a wide range of sages, including R. Jonathan Omer-Man, z”l, R. Steve Fisdell, z”l, Dr. Nan Gefen, Dr. Avram Davis, R. Shefa Gold, and R. Gershon Winkler. He is a rogue scholar: on the one hand, he holds a BA in Music from UCLA and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union—and on the other, he also finds as much wisdom in pop culture, mixology, home gardening, or taking in a fine afternoon with friends and family. His love for Torah is infectious, whether in a raucous Beit Midrash, or in silent contemplation.