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Federation Philanthropy Partners inspires, connects, and empowers our community as agents of collective change. We can help you craft your giving to achieve your personal goals.


Giving with Just Intention (Tzedakah)
Pursuing Justice (Tzedek)
Healing of the World (Tikkun Olam)
Building Community (Kehillah)

Giving thrives when it’s driven by both the head and the heart.

We connect impact and meaning by helping you view the world through the lens of Jewish values. Whether it’s creating your mission, researching organizations, or getting your family involved, we’re ready to collaborate to align your giving with your vision for a better world.

We meet you where you are on your philanthropic journey.

Are you a Philanthropist?

If you give away anything of value, you are. You can give your time, your talent, your financial resources, and your connections. We can help you plan strategically.

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Professional Advisors: Do you have clients who need effective philanthropy planning?

Whether you are Jewish, have Jewish clients, or want to learn about giving based on Jewish values, we provide deep knowledge and philanthropic vehicles that meet your clients’ needs.

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Our century-old history at the center of Bay Area generosity – supporting both those who give and those who benefit – grants us a unique ability to amplify results and create moments of transformation in the world, our community, and ourselves.