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Nurturing Nonprofit Financial Sustainability

The Pro Bono Consulting Practice matches skilled professionals with nonprofits on consulting engagements that enhance nonprofit financial sustainability. Here’s how:

Jenerator: Advice to nonprofits on generating earned-income

Through Jenerator, you can give or get advice to develop, test, launch or scale a business venture. Nonprofits are partnering with us to:

  • Start a related business
  • Sell products or services
  • Test new pricing strategies and more

By helping nonprofits monetize their unique assets and create new revenue streams, Jenerator reduces dependency on fundraising and bolsters financial stability.

Real Estate Consulting: Advice to nonprofits on maximizing their real estate assets and minimizing the high costs. Partner with us to give or get expertise in:

  • Planning & development
  • Debt financing
  • Leases
  • Shared space and more

Our real estate consulting aims to strengthen nonprofit financial sustainability by abating the complexities and exorbitant costs of the Bay Area real estate market.

Do good: Share your professional skills on a Consulting Opportunity.

Talent needed in:

  • Business start-up and scaling
  • Finance and accounting
  • Real estate
  • Marketing and social media
  • Information technology
  • Legal
  • Human resources
  • Executive coaching and more

Nonprofits: Contact us to learn more.

Read about: Wilderness Torah’s earned-income venture and how Jenerator is bolstering its success.

Since the Pro Bono Practice launched in 2013, over 240 results-oriented consultations – valued in excess of $900,000 – have yielded more than 3,200 hours of free expertise for nonprofits. 

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The Pro Bono Consulting Practice connects business and real estate professionals with results-oriented engagements at partner nonprofits.

How it Works

1. Check out the opportunities.
    Filter by industry area. 

2. Choose an opportunity that is right for you.

3. Get matched.
    Agree on fit, scope and timeline.

4. Execute and collaborate.
    Tell us how it's going. We're here to help.

5. Celebrate results and sign up again!

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