Russian Jewish Community FAQs

What kind of events does Russian-Speaking Jews organize?

We organize events of different sizes, gathering from 20 to 200+ people. We celebrate and explore Jewish customs and traditions through our minds, bodies and stomachs, ranging from intimate themed events to big holiday parties.

How can I get notified about the upcoming events?

Sign up for our mailing list and join our Facebook page

What do you mean by “Jews”?

We are Jewish by self-identification, whether it comes from cultural, ethnic, religious or spiritual connection. Most of the folks who come are secular; some are observant. All are welcome.

Is the food at the events kosher?

Food at our events is kosher-style.

What language are the events conducted in? What if I don't speak Russian?

Some of our events are conducted in Russian, while others are in English. Check each event's description.

I have a great event idea; how can I make it happen?

Great! Submit your idea by emailing and we'll follow up with you.

I've got a non-Jewish friend; can they come?

Everyone is welcome to explore their connection to the Jewish community.

Will I be bored if I come to the event by myself and don't know anyone there?

No, do come! Find one (or a few) of us there and we'll make sure you make new friends.

Does Russian-Speaking Jews do anything besides events?

Yes, we're a bridge for engagement and involvement with the Russian-Jewish and larger Jewish community, through information, new connections and friendships. Find out more about us.

Where does the money I pay for the events go?

It goes towards the event's budget, and what's left goes toward future events.

Who are your sponsors?

Our events are partly sponsored by the Jewish Community Federation and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

How many Russian-speaking Jews are in the Bay Area?

About 50,000 Jews from the former Soviet Union reside in our community, constituting 15-20% of the Jewish population here. And this number continues to grow due to internal and international migration of Russian-speaking Jews.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list?

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UnsubscribeEmail the JCF webmaster and your email address will be removed from our list.