Federal and State Nonprofit Security Grant Programs

The Federation’s Community Security Program works year-round with Jewish organizations to help secure major funding from federal and state Nonprofit Security Grant Programs. Our team of professionals offers the following support:

  • Ongoing, confidential counsel to advance your consideration and pursuit of grants
  • Site assessments to identify, prioritize, and budget security improvements
  • Guidance on preparing and submitting competitive grant applications

This page will be continually updated with the most current information about upcoming grant opportunities, news about previous grant awards, and Frequently Asked Questions about these grant programs.

Current Grant Opportunity

California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program (CSNSGP)

California's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has announced an application deadline of Thursday, September 28, 2023 for the FY2023 CSNSGP. This state grant provides funding for various purposes, including physical facility upgrades, security training and exercises, emergency planning, and hiring contracted security guards. For further details, refer to the Request for Proposal (RFP). Links to the websites and documents you’ll need to get started on your application are listed below.

We strongly encourage you to take these three steps, if you have not done so yet:

  1. Review this page section to familiarize yourself with the fall 2023 grant cycle.
  2. Schedule an initial 30-minute call with our team to ask questions about the grant and application process.
  3. Request a vulnerability assessment of your site no later than September 1st.

How to Apply
Send the completed Application Form and a Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet (VA Worksheet) by email to CSNSGP@caloes.ca.gov no later than 5:00 pm PDT on September 28, 2023. Be sure to adhere to the following naming convention when you submit your two files:

FY 2023_CSNSGP_Application_OrganizationName
FY 2023_CSNSGP_VAWorksheet_OrganizationName

Documents You Will Need for the Nonprofit Security Grant Application

Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet
An integral part of your grant application, the VA Worksheet functions to identify, prioritize, and substantiate the security improvements proposed as part of your grant request. This blank template allows you to get started on assessing your site’s vulnerabilities. We will help you populate the fields and supply information for fields tinted blue.

Authorized Equipment List(AEL)
Consult this table to understand the categories of physical security upgrades (also known as “target hardening” measures) that are eligible for NSGP and CSNSGP funding.

CSNSGP Application (California state grant only)
Use this Word template to begin drafting and editing your application before transferring it into the official PDF application form.

Below are links to the two major components of the CSNSGP application:

  1. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Worksheet The VA Worksheet must be completed using this template. We will work with you to schedule an on-site security assessment and help you populate the fields tinted blue. You can begin to complete all other fields. Upon completion, we will arrange a meeting to go over your worksheet and site assessment with you.
  2. Application – Your completed application is the only document that gets scored. Use this application template to begin drafting the language you’ll need to request funding for the projects identified in your VA Worksheet. Once finalized, transfer your answers to the fillable PDF of the Cal OES application form.

Future Grant Opportunities

The Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) will be announced in early 2024 with a submission deadline in the spring. The NSGP is funded by FEMA but administered by the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). The NSGP awards grants of up to $150,000 toward physical security improvements, training and planning, and hiring security guards.

Please review our FAQ section below for more information about the NSGP and check back for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the NSGP and the CSNSGP?

The NSGP is a national grant program funded by FEMA. Last year, the NSGP funding pool was $250 million nationally, of which $125 million was for urban areas. The maximum grant award was $150,000. Cal OES reviews and scores NSGP applications of nonprofits in California, but FEMA makes final funding determinations out of a pool of applicants nationwide.

The CSNSGP is a separate grant program funded through the state budget. For each of the last two years, the CSNSGP funding pool was $47.5 million. The maximum grant award was $200,000. Cal OES reviews and scores CSNSGP applications and makes final funding determinations.

What are the similarities between the NSGP and the CSNSGP?

CSNSGP is essentially modeled from the NSGP. Each requires the same template for a Vulnerability Assessment and asks the same questions in their respective grant applications. Both programs are administered by Cal OES.

What is the likelihood of being funded?

In 2022, over 50% of all NSGP applications were funded nationally. In 2021, over 82% of all CSNSGP applications were funded. Our team at the Federation partners with organizations early in the process to exceed these rates of success.

Which grant program should we apply to?

We recommend applying to the next available funding opportunity.

Can we apply to both grant programs?

Yes. If your NSGP application is not funded, you can apply to the CSNSGP later this year. If your NSGP application is funded, you can still apply to the CSNSGP later this year for new projects.

We were recently funded by an NSGP or CSNSGP grant. Can we apply again?

If you have security improvements that were not funded by your last grant, you can submit a new application.

Federal and State Grant Programs at a Glance
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