b'We helped people lead with purpose.ENCOURAGED ALTRUISTIC AND EMPATHETIC ACTION PREPARED ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE Raising Funds from Our Community, For Our Community Funds raised during the 2020-2021 fiscal year67%12% Unrestricted Funds$9.7MDesignated Funds$6.3M$ 121.6M Endowed Funds$10.3M8%Donor-advised Funds$80.8M5% Supporting Foundations$14.5M8%TOTAL $121.6M Centennial Pledges to Date $215MHOW UNRESTRICTED FUNDS RAISED IN 2020-2021 WILL BE SPENT IN 2021-2022HOW UNRESTRICTED FUNDS RAISED IN 20-21 WILL BE SPENT IN 21-2275%15% Community impact $7.3M$9.7M Fundraising $966K10% Administration $1.4MTOTAL $9.7M25'