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As you know, especially if you've seen our new ad campaign, the Jewish people have always been at the forefront of innovation. So this year we introduced something new at Israel in the Gardens - Innovation Alley - a pop-up tech area, which showcased Israeli innovation in the high-tech world.  Adam Swig, one of the members of the Young Funders IGI Committee launched Innovation Alley, convening some of the best and brightest Israeli innovators and entrepreneurs from all around the world.  In the “Alley” people were able to visit, explore, interact and see just how much Israeli innovation positively contributes to the world in countless ways, with cutting edge products that are being developed by Bay Area-based Israeli entrepreneurs.

This week we’re profiling two of the participants, Tapingo and Reactful.


Speaking with an interested visitor at Innovation Alley


Tapingo was founded in Tel Aviv in 2010. Since then we have moved our operations, sales and executive team to the US and we are now based in San Francisco, with our engineering, research and development team still based out of Israel. Because of our unique origins and offices still based in our founding country, we were eager to participate in this year’s Innovation Alley at Israel in the Gardens in SF. The organizers of this event saw our growing startup as a great example of Israeli innovation and success in the US and Bay Area. My colleagues and I loved the idea of sharing our ideas and product with the local community and we welcome the support and interest of fellow high tech companies and entrepreneurs. Although Innovation Alley was not necessarily an event where we would expand our presence on any particular University Campus, we were excited to meet and talk about our company with those who are interested in hearing our story, ideas and goals.

Tapingo is a mobile application used by students and faculty at universities across the US to shop on and around their campuses. People use Tapingo every day from their smartphones and browsers to purchase their meals and more, and we are growing rapidly at colleges nationwide. Our technology was born from the minds of Jewish and Israeli innovation, and our founders met in the Israeli Defense Forces over seven years ago.

You can find more information through our website, or download the application to see what colleges and universities we are currently present at. For more information please email us at


What if websites could understand and predict your moods and actions, and then use those insights to show you exactly what you are looking for and at the right time?   Our young Israeli startup identified a gap in the way current website analytics inform both the users and the companies of each other’s interests and objectives.  In essence, we founded Reactful to improve the ways users interact with websites and how websites respond, or react back, to each individual user.

Soon after we decided to establish a company, we joined the Upwest Labs accelerator in Palo Alto to grow our marketing base and engage with potential Beta users. By happenstance, we met Adam Swig at one of the local social events we attended, and he introduced us to the Innovation Alley event at Israel in the Gardens. This event was a perfect opportunity for us to help out non-profit organizations and give back to the Jewish community, while also creating awareness for our product in Silicon Valley.

With the help of Reactful’s product, many corporate clients (and now also non-profit organizations) are benefiting from their optimized websites, increased donations, higher subscription rates, and email submissions. We are able to help companies by automatically improving their websites' business results by listening to each visitor’s digital body language and using predictive analytics solutions to respond with the right content - in real time! We said goodbye to static websites, and we enabled online pages to dynamically interact with visitors as if they were having a two-way conversation. With Reactful, sites can show their customers exactly what they want, at the right time, resulting in higher conversion rates.

If you would like to hear more about what we do, request a demo to experience Reactful live on your website, or just want to say hello and show support, we would be more than happy to hear from you! Feel free to contact us on our website, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Reactful team with Adam (third from left), Roselyne (second from right), and Ben Swig (right)


Visit the Innovation Alley website to see a listing and descriptions of all the participants.


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June 12, 2013