Investing in a brighter future for us all

Grantmaking that Uplifts the Community

We award grants and support initiatives to further our goals in the Bay Area and globally from dollars raised annually as well as through endowed funds. We also steward and administer donor-advised grants through philanthropic vehicles, including over 1,050 Donor Advised Funds and 32 Supporting Foundations, which uphold Jewish and broader causes to local, national, and international organizations.

Our direct grants to partner organizations fall under four main categories: Jewish Engagement, Fostering Resilient Communities, Israel, and Personal Philanthropy. 



Making Jewish Experiences Accessible and Affordable 

Together, with our local partners, we aim to provide a continuum of opportunities starting from preschool to college, offering ways to visit Israel, and providing children of all ages and backgrounds a chance to attend youth and family camps through scholarships.  



Enhancing Jewish Nonprofits' Ability to Recruit and Retain Employees

In 2017, we launched our Student Debt Relief Pilot, in partnership with Bob Tandler and Valli Benesch, to help Jewish nonprofit employees manage their student debt. Since then, the Pilot has expanded through our collaboration with Summer, a certified B Corporation combining innovative technology and policy expertise to serve student loan borrowers across the country. Our new partnership helps nearly every employee from participating nonprofits enroll in Summer and manage their student debt.