Centennial Campaign

Celebrating our Centennial anniversary with a focus on the future

For more than a century, the Federation has helped shape the contours of Jewish life in the Bay Area and overseas by responding to the many challenges and opportunities that arise. The Centennial Campaign seeks to raise $250,000,000 in order to protect the investments that we have made in our lifetimes, and to ensure that the organizations and programs that we have so proudly built will continue to thrive into the future.

Our Centennial comes at an opportune moment, as the Federation continues to grow to best serve the Jewish community locally and around the world. Still the central hub of support and engagement for Jews, the Federation has become more nimble and innovative in order to change with the times and meet new challenges, support the community’s shifting needs, and encourage all the different ways Jewish individuals and family’s choose to participate within our community. 

You can help determine the type of community our children and grandchildren will inherit 

In honor of the Federation’s Centennial anniversary, the Centennial Campaign will safeguard our future and help the Jewish community flourish for the next 100 years and beyond. We invite you to join the leaders of our community in celebrating a century of tzedakah by making a bold new investment for our Jewish future with a gift to the Centennial Endowment Fund.

View our Centennial Newsletter:
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Plan your giving

Gifts from your estate

The most common and simplest legacy gift is a bequest in your will or trust. You can specify a percentage, specific amount or specific property. Retirement plan [401(k) or IRA] designation is also a tax-wise option and can be accomplished by updating your plan’s beneficiary designation form.

Gifts you can give now

Cash, appreciated marketable securities, life insurance, real estate or other appreciated property are all examples of gifts that can be given during your life time with the potential to provide significant tax benefit.

Gifts that provide income

A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) provides the donor and/or another person with income for life and at the expiration of benefits, creates a meaningful legacy gift. A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) also enables you to make a gift that produces income for you or loved ones, taking a pro-rated tax deduction now, with the remainder becoming a legacy gift.

Note that these descriptions do not constitute legal or tax advice. Please consult with financial or estate planning professional to understand the implications of a gift for your particular circumstances and goals.

Opportunities for creating your legacy

Provide a stable resource for future generations through an unrestricted Endowment

The most versatile way to ensure a strong Jewish community is through a gift to the Federation’s unrestricted Endowment, which focuses on seed-funding innovative programs, responding to emergencies, and supporting capital projects which sustain the infrastructure of our community. The unrestricted Endowment enables community leaders to meet the unforeseen needs of tomorrow, through the lens of deeply instilled Jewish values. 

Sustain an annual gift in your name to the Federation in perpetuity

A Permanent Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) or Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) will ensure that your gift to the Federation to provide critical support for communal needs is everlasting.

Named Centennial Funds

A Centennial Fund can be customized to create your meaningful legacy by linking your values and interests with high-priority community needs.  Some examples include: 

The Centennial Scholarship Fund to provide a spectrum of need-based scholarships to Jewish preschools, day schools, day and overnight camps and teen Israel experiences. 

The Centennial Interfaith Fund to ensure high quality and welcoming interfaith programming.

The Centennial Birthright Fund to provide immersive Israel experiences and ongoing engagement for Jewish young adults.

The Centennial Fund for Seniors to take care of our elderly’s most basic needs: food, shelter, health services, social and cultural experiences, and transportation.

The Centennial Fund for Young Leaders to provide training and education to ensure a strong cadre of Jewish leaders for our community.   

The Centennial Fund for Israel to address pressing social issues and strengthen Israel as a pluralistic, democratic and just society with equality of opportunity for all its citizens.  

The Centennial International Relief Fund to provide funds for food, relief, and social services for Jews living outside the U.S.

The Centennial (Name the JCC, Day School, Agency of your choice) Fund to help ensure that the network of services that are the lifeblood of our community will be available to future generations.

Centennial Recognition

Centennial donors whose gifts begin at $250,000 will be recognized (with permission) on a Wall of Honor in the Federation's building in San Francisco. A special event will honor Centennial donors, and all Centennial donors are invited to write a personal message in the Book of Life.

Make a lasting gift that will ensure our Jewish future and galvanize our community:
– Leave a legacy that strengthens the Jewish community.
– Establish a memorial for family, a loved one, or friend.
– Maintain the traditional Jewish value of repairing the world.
– Provide for the future needs of world Jewry.
– Sustain a strong connection to the people of Israel.

For more information, please contact:
Steve Brown
Senior Director, Gift Planning and Endowments