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Informed judgments lead to wiser philanthropy.

Federation Philanthropy Partners provide comprehensive help planning your clients’ philanthropy.  Whether you are recommending the donation of pre-IPO stock or other complex gifts, want help with a family conversation about values and goals, or need to recommend a philanthropic vehicle to simplify giving, our team has the experience to support you and your clients in all aspects of giving. 

Options include donor-advised funds, supporting foundations, life-income plans and endowment funds. We collaborate with accountants, family offices, investment and wealth managers, trust and estate attorneys, and other professional advisors to deliver an excellent experience to clients and opportunities for education and networking for professionals.

Comprehensive Philanthropic Support
Our team has the experience to support you and your clients in all aspects of giving:

  • Family and multi-generational philanthropy
  • Charitable estate planning
  • Nonprofit organizations and the philanthropic community
  • Acceptance of complex, non-cash gifts
  • Philanthropic vehicles
  • Giving circles and other donor collaborative opportunities
  • Research on issues and organizations
  • Investment management
  • Grantmaking administration
  • Legacy planning

Ongoing Education and Networking
We offer opportunities and insights to help you learn about the latest developments in philanthropy and connect with like-minded professionals. By joining our Professional Advisors Network (PAN), you will have access to:

  • Regular seminars around the Bay Area with legal, financial and tax experts; many programs qualify for professional credit.
  • Events covering topics such as impact investing and values-based investing.
  • Professional networking opportunities.
  • A team of philanthropy advisors who keep your team current on topics such as family philanthropy and charitable bequests.

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