Collaborative Giving

Collaboration and Connection

Our community is rich in connection, and by bringing together like-minded philanthropists we create opportunities for learning and engagement.

Collaborative Philanthropy
Our Collaborative Philanthropy programs inform, educate, and build networked communities of philanthropists driven by Jewish values. Collaborative philanthropy offers experiential, collaborative grant-making where issue-area and/or identity-based philanthropic grant-making inspires Jewish donors to engage in new and creative philanthropic pursuits. The programs include: the Tzedek Fund, a giving circle for Jews of Color (JOC); the Jewish Pride Fund; and the Jewish Women’s Fund. Our newest and largest giving circle is the Global Jewish Citizen's Fund which will focus on issues related to the crisis of global forced migration and granting to support immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Special Events
Throughout the year, Federation Philanthropy Partners convenes special events for donors. Our Food for Thought series features intimate dinners with dynamic social change leaders at top Bay Area restaurants. Our larger events have featured luminaries such as Sir Ronald Cohen, the impact investing pioneer, and Robbie Kaplan, the groundbreaking attorney fighting hate groups responsible for the 2017 attacks in Charlottesville, VA. These events are designed to inspire, educate, and bring together our donor community.



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