COVID-19 Resources

The pandemic is unfolding with a devastating impact. From ways to help, to finding support, to resources for organizations, discover all the ways our Jewish community has stepped up during this unprecedented crisis.

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Our Impact

By collaborating with agency and synagogue partners, donors, and community leaders, and working on multiple fronts, we take a holistic approach to Caring for the Vulnerable, Inspiring Jewish Life and Learning, and Strengthening Israeli Society. 

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Strategic Grantmaking

We direct funding to ensure that our community is strong, that those in need get help, that our educational, cultural, and social institutions continue to thrive, and that everyone has access to Jewish life.  

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Addressing Communal Challenges

With a unique vantage point that spans geographic areas and encompasses all types of support, we collaboratively develop initiatives and internal programs that seek to tackle problems and address gaps of service in our Jewish community.

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Culture of Belonging

Building a culture of belonging is one of the strategies at the core of the Federation’s Engagement Initiative seeking to expand the opportunities and pathways for youth, young adults, and families with young children, to experience Jewish life in relationship with others.

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Leadership Development

A vital component of a vibrant Jewish future is to develop generations of active, effective leaders with a strong Jewish identity and commitment to the Jewish people. We offer engagement opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds through robust leadership development programming that facilitates meaningful experiences that positively benefit our Jewish community.

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Opportunities for Support

The Federation is passionate about making positive, enduring contributions to our local and global community. Through our grants and other opportunities, we connect Jewish organizations with resources intended to help the community fortify and grow. Our Scholarships provide families help toward a continuum of academic and enrichment programs.

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