Our Work in Israel


Partnering with Israel’s visionary community leaders, organizations, and philanthropists to strengthen social cohesion and commitment to a shared future in Israeli society 

Israeli society is made up of a multitude of diverse communities, cultures, social groups, and nationalities, with four main "tribes"—secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, and religious Zionist. These "tribes" essentially lead parallel but disconnected lives: they live in separate towns and cities, with varying access to education, employment opportunities, media sources, and infrastructure to connect them to the rest of Israeli society.

We invest in partnerships with Israeli organizations that aim to change the social infrastructure in Israel to be more equitable and interconnected. We prioritize working with diverse Israelis representing all facets of Israeli society and forge relationships based on belonging, mutual commitment, and ownership of a shared future. The work of our partners includes approaches such as community organizing, coalition-building, and cross-sector partnerships.

To achieve this, the Federation’s office in Israel collaborates with various partner organizations from across Israeli society, including the Government of Israel, to achieve system-wide social change through innovative and cross-boundary (across all tribes) programs. We also elevate our impact by bringing our partners together as part of our extended Israeli "mishpuche" (family). Our regular gatherings serve as a platform for collaboration, capacity building, and field development, creating a network of organizations and leaders with a shared vision and commitment for Israel's future.

Supporting work happening on the ground 

Photo by: Elad Malka

On Tuesday morning, May 25, 2021, the Federation hosted a special briefing with Barak Loozon, Director of the Federation's Israel Office, and our Israeli partners. The speakers, who each represented different segments of Israeli society, gave frank assessments about all the pain and heartbreak violence caused when rocket fire threatened to undo so much of the work achieved. They told inspirational stories about how our Israeli partners have nevertheless forged ahead— and how adversity had emboldened them. Now, more than ever, they are as convinced in their work's critical importance as they are resolute in carrying it out.

We encourage you to watch the recording, and share it with your peers, colleagues, and family. If you cannot see the video above, you can watch it via this link.

If you felt inspired by any of the speakers, we recommend learning more about them. Remember, your gift to the Federation helps our Israeli partners to do their vital work.

Inspiring Bay Area Jewish teens and young adults to explore meaningful, authentic connections with Israel

In the 2017 Portrait of Bay Area Jewish Life and Communities, only 11% of respondents ages 18-34 reported that they feel "very attached" to Israel.  Although many opportunities exist for traveling to and learning about Israel, young people in our Jewish communities experience incredibly complex social, political, and emotional barriers in forming relationships with Israel. While it presents many challenges, we believe that Israel can introduce new layers of meaning to Jewish lives and identities and opportunities to learn and form relationships with our Israeli counterparts. We also support Bay Area teens and young adults in finding confidence within their relationship to Israel by connecting them to opportunities to travel and explore Israel, as well as through nuanced conversations of diverse viewpoints with mutual respect and understanding.

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