About Us


Our Vision

Diverse and dynamic Bay Area Jewish communities, deeply engaged in Jewish life and doing good locally, in Israel and around the world.  

Our Mission

To mobilize innovation, collaboration, and investment to shape diverse and dynamic Bay Area Jewish communities where people find meaningful connection to Judaism and each other; and where we work together to better lives and communities locally, in Israel, and around the world.

Our Values

Our organization is guided by the Jewish values of:
•    Building community (kehilla)
•    Taking care of the needy (tzedakah)
•    Pursuing justice (tzedek)

What We Do

1) Promote more and better Jewish philanthropy.
Philanthropy advising, advancement and stewardship are performed in a more deliberate manner along with an increased focus on particular areas of gift planning and collaborative donor-institutional designed giving opportunities.   

2) Dramatically increase the number of young people engaged in Jewish life.
The Community Portrait and related research indicate that the majority of young Jewish people in the Bay Area are not connected to Jewish life or community. Yet youth, young adults and families with young children live at powerful inflection points for deeper identity formation, seeking and building new friendships and community, and making choices that can inform a lifelong path. The Federation is leading a movement to infuse our Jewish ecosystem with mindsets and practices that ensure belonging, creating and growing proven “onramps” to Jewish life that build connection and community, and grantmaking to help organizations build networks and pathways for young people to access and explore community through Jewish opportunities.

3) Foster resilient and secure Jewish communities.
We seek to achieve a Bay Area Jewish community with a secure Jewish ecosystem, diverse leadership, and shared responsibility for our future, which empowers people to lead proud Jewish lives. We do this by funding efforts to enhance physical and psychological safety at Jewish institutions, leading unique programs to support strong leadership for the Jewish community in the Bay Area and Israel, building relationships both inside and outside the Jewish community in the Bay Area, advancing democratic values and social cohesion in Israeli society, and supporting vulnerable Jews and strengthen Jewish communities around the world.