Friendship, food, culture, and a connection to something bigger

Scholarships, camps, Israel trips, and teen initiatives have a direct and positive influence on teens' lives, especially now during a time of social isolation when they may feel an increased need for belonging.

These offerings inspire leadership traits, cultivate skills in philanthropy, and equip teens to create progressive change – all share-worthy experiences we’re proud to support.

SF Diller Teen Fellows develops leaders with a strong Jewish identity, commitment to the Jewish people, respect for pluralism, and love of Israel. Join San Francisco’s premier leadership development program for Jewish teens in 11th grade.

Jewish Teen Foundation cultivates lifelong skills in philanthropy, social justice issues, confidence, effective communication, and teamwork. Graduates of the program carry these honed abilities with them into college and beyond, leveraging their experiences to build successful careers and take on leadership roles in their communities.

JBridge helps Jewish teens find and pursue their passions while connecting with like-minded peers can help them find meaning in their lives. As a hub of opportunities and resources for Jewish teens (and the people who care about them) the site is designed to support them in navigating their own unique path, experience all that being Jewish has to offer as they grow, explore, and discover who they are.