Our Goals

We envision diverse and dynamic Bay Area Jewish communities, engaged in Jewish life and doing good locally, in Israel, and around the world. By mobilizing our networks of organizations, donors, community members, and resources, we hope to achieve these strategic goals.  

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What We Fund

We take a sophisticated, multipronged approach to building, supporting, and sustaining the local and global Jewish community and are passionate about making positive, enduring contributions. Through our grants and personal philanthropy, we connect Jewish organizations with resources intended to help the community fortify and grow. Our Scholarships provide families a continuum of academic and enrichment programs.

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We partner with Israel’s visionary community leaders, organizations, and philanthropists to strengthen social cohesion and commitment to a shared future in Israeli society. Our office in Israel collaborates with various partner organizations from across Israeli society, including the Government of Israel, to achieve system-wide social change through innovative and cross-boundary programs.

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We salute the outstanding people and programs working to enhance Jewish life in all facets of our community through awards granted each year, recognizing some of the most exemplary people working toward repairing the world.

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