The Federation’s North Bay Wildfire Emergency Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Federation’s North Bay Wildfire Emergency Fund will support immediate and long-term needs of individuals and Jewish community organizations directly impacted by the North Bay wildfires, primarily in Sonoma County. 

100% of the funds raised will be deployed in the fire-ravaged region. Direct grants to organizations and synagogues working on the front lines will assist in meeting basic human and social/emotional needs of our community.

What type of assistance will be provided?

Direct financial assistance for food, clothing and shelter; support for housing relocation; post-trauma mental health counseling and additional support services to Jewish community members as well as non-Jewish clients of these organizations.  

What will the funding be used for?

The full extent of the need is not yet known. While our focus will be on healing and restoring the Jewish community, we will consider opportunities for impact in the broader community as well. We anticipate long-term recovery support might include scholarship assistance; long-term housing solutions; funding to mitigate lost revenue by Jewish institutions; and addition of new programs to meet the community’s social and emotional needs as it rebuilds. The Federation will also explore ways to mobilize the Jewish community in larger rebuilding and recovery efforts through volunteerism and service.

Will there be an administrative charge?

No. 100% of the funds raised will be deployed in the fire-ravaged region. The Federation will absorb all administrative costs for handling and processing donations.

How has the funding been disbursed thus far?

To date, a total of $26,000 in emergency grants have been disbursed among eight organizations and synagogues, including: Jewish Family and Children’s Services, JCC of Sonoma County, Congregation Shomrei Torah (Santa Rosa), Congregation Beth Ami (Santa Rosa), Congregation Shir Shalom (Sonoma), Congregation Ner Shalom (Cotati), Chabad of Sonoma and Chabad of Petaluma.  

We will make decisions on fund distribution with significant insights from our community members and partners.