Marketing Advice for Website Re-Launch

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Estimated Time: 
To be determined
Start Date: 
As soon as possible
Collaboration style: 
Work closely with professional staff. Set own schedule. Volunteer remotely and/or in-person.
J. - The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California

Scope & Deliverables

J Weekly seeks one or more pro bono consultants or an ad agency to advise us on developing and executing a marketing plan to promote the upcoming launch of our new website to our readers, donors and advertisers.  

The new website is a transformative product for J. and our messaging must communicate our value proposition to three constituencies —readers and donors (who overlap like a Venn diagram) and advertisers.

One critical factor to consider with the relaunch is the recent change in J.’s tax status from commercial to nonprofit. Feedback from our audience survey indicates we need to clarify this. It has important implications for the website as people are more likely to donate to public services than pay for private services.

Deliverable: Marketing advice on a launch plan for the new website including advice on how to publicize it and messaging.

Project Results

  • J. will more effectively cross-promote its products and communicate to key stakeholders including:
    1. the diverse services available through the new website,
    2. the buzz about our beautiful, highly functional, community-facing new website,
    3. the tremendous new value gained from the integration of Jewish Resource Guide into the new website.
  •  By clarifying our tax status and communicating effectively to key stakeholders, J. will more effectively connect with and engage readers, advertisers and donors.

Organization Description

J. is a 120-year-old news organization serving the Jewish community of the Bay Area and Northern California. J. has a weekly print circulation of 17,000, a website that draws 100,000 readers monthly, plus an email newsletter and Facebook and Twitter accounts that reach another 10,000-20,000 individuals weekly. J. is in the final stages of a major digital relaunch that will increase traffic, reach, impacts and revenue and set the stage for J.’s ongoing growth in the fast-changing digital medium.

Required Skills/Experience

  • Marketing and messaging