Social Media Strategy

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Advisor & Trainer
Estimated Time: 
Ten to 20 hours
Start Date: 
The preferred time frame is within the next three months.
Collaboration style: 
Set own schedule. Work closely with lay leadership. Volunteer remotely.
Project Duration: 
Jewish Circle Theatre

The Jewish Circle Theatre (JCT) is a vibrant community theatre production company producing highly-regarded Jewish-themed live performances throughout the Bay Area. JCT seeks a consultant to help us craft and execute a social media strategy. We have hundreds of audience members who we would like to engage on an ongoing basis through social media. 

Scope & Deliverables

The Jewish Circle Theatre (JCT) will benefit from having a thought out strategic plan for its social media efforts to increase its follower base and also to develop ongoing customer engagement. The consultant would learn about JCT's activities and then help develop a plan with specific tasks for the JCT staff/members to execute on. Social media channels to address include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other relevant medium. The JCT currently utilizes Facebook for its outreach and has both a Twitter and Instagram account which have not been used to date. In the past, the JCT also had a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Project Results

Social media is becoming the dominant method of both publicizing events and engaging customers in between performances. JCT will benefit from having an effective social media campaign to accomplish those goals. Post-engagement, JCT will have a clear plan for its social media outreach and campaign to increase customer awareness and engagement.

Organization Description

Jewish Circle Theatre, located in the Bay Area, is a community theatre and production group that produces and performs Jewish themed live performances throughout the Bay Area.

Required Skills/Experience

  • Social media experience (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Online advertising
  • Website development, a plus but not required
  • Hebrew, a plus but not required