The Haas/Koshland Memorial Award

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Art, music, politics, science, technology, volunteerism, research, or anything else that inspires you! The Haas/Koshland Memorial Award provides up to $20,000 to explore your interests in Israel! 

The deadline to apply for the 2019-2020 award is Friday, March 1, 2019 by 11:59 pm.

Each year, young adults apply for the Haas/Koshland Memorial Award, a grant that funds a year of personal exploration or study in Israel.

Whether you’re searching for self-discovery, connection, personal growth, friendship, or independence, this award will open doors to a new world, new friends, and incredible experiences that will create a lifetime of memories.

Applicants do not need to be Jewish, can be first-time or return travelers to Israel, and can use the award to study, discover their passion, perform advocacy work, intern, or just explore the land, its complex social and political issues, and its rich history.


The award is open to students entering their second year of college through the completion of a graduate degree who are from, or attend school in, the San Francisco Bay Area and wish to broaden their personal life, academic life, or both.


Complete the application by clicking on the button below.

The following supporting documents are required, and may be submitted using the online form or by mailing to the address below:

  • Brief statements outlining what makes you unique as an individual and outlining how your interests would be uniquely enhanced by a year's residence in Israel
  • Two letters of recommendation are required, one personal and one academic (recommendations can be submitted separately by mail or email us)
  • Academic transcript (both official and unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  • An in-person interview will be required on Friday, May 3, 2019 with the interview committee.

Supporting documents should be emailed to us, or may be mailed to this address:

Jewish Community Federation
ATTN: Camille Menke
121 Steuart Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


The Haas/Koshland Memorial Award was established in 1982 in memory and honor of Walter A. Haas, Sr. and Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. In their life-long generosity, these men shaped the landscape of our Jewish community.

Both native Californians, Walter Haas and Daniel Koshland earned bachelor’s degrees in economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Both men were actively involved in the management of Levi Strauss & Co., were personally responsible for the company’s success, and championed its uniquely compassionate approach to employee management. Their dedication to the community spurred deep involvement in numerous civic and philanthropic organizations. Their keen interest in quality education and young people made them well-known and well-respected in the Bay Area and throughout the world. A great deal of their time, diligence, and generosity was directed toward the intellectual, medical, and social betterment of the community.

As Frances Geballe, Daniel E. Koshland’s daughter and chair of the Haas/Koshland Committee, stated, “There are no strings attached to the award. We simply want to create a program that is of value to students, their universities, and Israel – all of which were important to Daniel Koshland and Walter Haas.”


“I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to live and study in Israel for one academic year. This experience has been incredibly enriching in terms of my professional, personal, and academic development and has advanced my understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
"My cumulative experiences in Israel have piqued my interest in public health and program outreach. I am currently exploring opportunities in the Boston area working for nonprofits that specialize in community-driven health initiatives. It is my intention to build upon the experiences I have had in Israel advocating for women’s health and empowerment by seeking an advanced degree. This will synthesize my professional and academic knowledge, while giving me additional professional skills in conducting needs assessments and community mapping. I continue to work towards my long-term career goal of becoming a gender-advocate for organizations such as UNIFEM and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, working on their projects to end gender-based violence.”

Summer Jackson, Award Winner

Summer is currently a Ph.D. student at MIT Management Sloan School. She is a lover of good policy, organizational learning, and English tea.

See past award winners or for more information contact us at 415.512.6228.