Jewish Women's Fund

The San Francisco Jewish Women’s Fund (SFJWF) of the Federation was a giving circle dedicated to helping women and girls in the local Jewish community thrive.  After working with women donors to learn strategic gender lens philanthropy for 6 years, the Jewish community federation transitioned out of operating the SFJWF so that it could be all-volunteer led. The SFJWF offered a communal, meaningful, and relevant way to direct philanthropy to initiatives and programs that support women and girls, working primarily in the Bay Area and in Israel.

The SFJWF founding was based on the growing interest in hands-on grantmaking, women's desire for philanthropic education, and the importance of bringing Jewish women together. Understanding that some of today's most pressing issues are disproportionately faced by women and girls, we saw an opportunity to direct women's growing philanthropic power to respond to these challenges. 

Grants were considered in the following areas: health and well-being, economic security, and leadership development. In addition to these impact areas, the SFJWF worked with organizations that address equality of opportunity, promote new ideas and paradigm shifts, inquire deeply about ways women and girls are often inadvertently overlooked in existing initiatives, and demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude. 

Strategic Grantmaking

The SFJWF issued 41 grants totaling over $1.3 million to 28 unique organizations impacting the lives of over 100,000 women, girls, and families. For more information about the impact of grantmaking, please review the links below.

In 2020, SFJWF granted a total of $300,000 to the following seven organizations:

Hebrew Free Loan: $84,000
$50,000 to expand the Jewish Women’s Loan Fund SFJWF previously established
$34,000 for general operating support

Jewish LearningWorks: $25,000 for Voices for Good focusing on Jewish communal women’s professional development and coaching

Itach-Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice (Israel): $20,000 for women’s workers’ rights hotline

At The Well: $60,000 over two years to train cohorts of Bay Area organizations on how to run their own Well Circles, which support women’s mental health and connect them to Jewish spirituality and wisdom through Rosh Chodesh programming

Shalom Bayit: $84,000 over two years ($59,000 in year one; $25,000 in year two) for Jewish domestic violence prevention and response as well as general operating support

The Memory Garden hosted by Sinai Memorial Chapel – Chevra Kadisha: $25,000

ATZUM – Justice Works: $2,000 (Awarded as an acknowledgment of being a finalist, but not a grantee, and the considerable time and effort the organization dedicated to the grant process.)

Our Vision. Mission. Values. 

Interested in Collaborative Gender Lens Philanthropy?

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