Strengthening Israeli Society

Photo by: Elad Malka

Photo by: Elad Malka

The core approach to our work in Israel is to strengthen Israel as a pluralistic, democratic, and shared society with equal opportunity for all its citizens.

Israeli society comprises myriad communities, cultures, social groups and nationalities, with four main “tribes”—secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, and Religious Zionist. These “tribes” essentially lead to parallel but disconnected lives: they live in separate towns and cities, with varying access to education, employment opportunities, media sources, and infrastructure to connect them to the rest of Israeli society.

The Federation's work focuses on supporting Israelis in authoring the next chapter of Israel’s future, as a society that embraces its diversity as an asset. This consists of promoting more equal opportunity for all of Israel’s citizens in education and employment, while also working to create a shared society that brings the various “tribes” together through volunteerism, leadership development, and building intentional communities of practice.

To achieve this, The Federation’s office in Israel works to support a variety of partner organizations, including the Government of Israel, across the different sectors in Israel that work to achieve system-wide social change through innovative, cross-boundary (across all tribes) programs. We also work hand in hand with the organizations we support to enhance their capacity and to ensure they leave a lasting impact on the lives of the people they serve. Finally, we aim to serve as a platform for collaboration and coalition-building in hopes of more effectively working together towards system-wide change.

We focus our impact on:

  • Building a Shared Society in Israel
  • Closing Social Gaps for Equal Opportunity for All of Israel's Citizens
    • Combating poverty by offering skills training and employment
    • Using education to narrow socio-economic gaps and encourage excellence among disadvantaged populations
    • Supporting leadership development to strengthen Israel’s democracy
    • Using volunteerism as an effective tool for social mobility
  • Promoting Freedom of Jewish Expression in Israel

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